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Shutoff valves, steel pipes and fittings, insulating and reinforcing materials

Different types of shutoff valves, mechanisms, lubrication equipment and lubricants.

 Different types of shutoff valves are used for different media: ball valves, plug valves, needle valves, block valves, seated valves, knife gate valves, orifice and throttle valves, etc.

Valves can be installed above or below ground and, if necessary, equipped with gas-hydraulic, electrohydraulic, electric, or manual actuators.

Standards: DIN, EN, ASTM, API, GOST, TS, etc.

  •  Equipment for gas-hydraulic actuator control units. We offer high-quality replacement of failed parts rated for operation at temperatures as low as -60°C.
  • Sealing lubrication for emergency valve shutoff. We can also supply equipment capable of feeding lubricant into valve seats at pressures of up to 1000 bar.

Different types of steel pipes and fittings; insulating and reinforcing materials for pipes.

  • Line-welded, spiral-welded and seamless steel pipes with external three-layer high-performance (3LPE) insulation as well as fittings such as tees with grates. Pipe products and fittings of all types and sizes compliant with GOST, TU, DIN, EN, ASTM, API and other standards designed for low, medium and high pressure boilers, heating mains, oil and gas pipelines, food industry applications, cement production plants, etc. Pipes are available both with and without external and / or internal insulation.
  • Carbon or fiberglass-based tapes with guaranteed service life of up to 50 years for reinforcement of gas pipeline walls.
  • Equipment for hot tapping (installation on pressurized gas pipelines).

Anti-corrosion insulation systems

 Anti-corrosion insulation systems (PE, polyurethane, asmol, polymer modified bitumen) for field and factory insulation of process pipelines, compressor stations, tanks, building structures and steel structures.


  • Oil and gas industry: insulation of underground and overground mains, connectors, shutoff valves, component assemblies, auxiliary equipment, stations, supporting structures, etc.
  • Construction and maintenance: water insulation, protection of different building structures and steel structures against corrosion and wear and tear.
  • Gas pipeline cleaning and diagnostic pig launchers.
  • We supply components and assemblies for gas compressor stations and gas distributions stations as well as provide repair and maintenance services for this type of facilities.
  • Inflatable plugs for repairs on low-pressure gas pipelines. These serve as temporary stops.
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